Integrative Medicine
Analyzes that go on

The analysis

The miracle of our human body consists of about 40 trillion cells. If the cells are healthy, then we are fine. However, to stay healthy, our cells need to regenerate regularly. They absorb nutrients and break down harmful substances. In order for this process to function smoothly, the cells regularly exchange information with each other. Cells send their messages via weak electrical impulses or signals and receive them from other cells. The complex exchange of information can be recognized from the outside as a vibration or as a sound. Thus, the cells of a body in their entirety result in a kind of individual melody. It is perceptible as a kind of noise around the body. Damaged cells, on the other hand, oscillate only slightly or not at all and produce a “slanted” tone in their overall sound. Modern integrative medicine speaks of a “degree of deviation”. This means when a cell is weakened, it transmits outside of its normal field range.

The integrative approach: Healthy cells can be measured

The intracellular communication described above can be measured with modern analysis systems . Using a so-called "non-linear system analysis" (NLS), this method can be used to analyze the energy status and the functional status of every tissue in the body. Specific vibrations are recorded and recorded without any invasive intervention. For example, healthy tissue vibrates at the following frequencies:
  • Bone, skin, fur 1.8 Hz
  • Connective tissue 2.6 Hz
  • Muscle tissue 3.4 Hz
  • Digestive tract 4.3 Hz
  • Liver, kidneys 4.9 Hz
  • Lymphatic system, endocrine System 5.8Hz
  • Bronchi, thyroid, adrenal glands 6.6 Hz
  • Lung 7.4 Hz
  • Cerebrum 8.2 Hz

The more harmoniously the cells oscillate at these individual frequencies, the better their function. The better the function, the better for the organism.

Which processes can be analyzed with integrative medicine?

With a state-of-the-art analysis process , problems during regeneration can be detected at an early stage. They can be localized down to the smallest tissue structures. Thus, as an integrative medicine practitioner, you may be the decisive step ahead in the direction of health. For the benefit of your patients and in terms of holistic prevention.

A meaningful analysis method and diagnostics is just as important for hobby and competitive athletes as it is for people who have to recover from an illness. Because with the non-linear system analysis, the causes for a reduced ability to regenerate can also be found out. As a user of integrative medicine, you can, for example, analyze a lack of vitamins, minerals or trace elements, food intolerances or the condition of the intestinal flora. But it may also be easier to find energetic imbalances or indications of mental stress.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • You get in-depth analyzes for a coherent view
  • You can track down regeneration problems and malfunctions more quickly
  • You give your patients a holistic regeneration approach
  • You can make specific nutritional recommendations

The most important questions

What can be analyzed within the framework of integrative medicine?

In addition to the classic parameters such as blood values, blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar, etc., it is mainly the cooperation of the organs in the organism that is considered.

Like a large clockwork, many processes run interdependently. If deviations occur here, they lead to consequential situations. 

Here, integrative methods of analysis offer additional information, starting not from the symptom but from the cause. 

The aim here is to identify these deviations and counteract them in a targeted manner.

How often should analyses be performed to be preventive?

A full analysis is recommended at least 1x per year. In this way, imbalances can be detected at an early stage, before symptoms appear.

Are there any studies on the analysis procedures?

For many years, the principle of "He who heals is right." worked.

In the meantime, more and more correlations can be explained by physical measurement methods.

Very important is the Nobel Prize Physics 2022 on the topic of quantum research. This principle partly shows the working of non-linear spectography. Thus, topics that were previously difficult to explain are becoming clearer - although the practical application has been around for more than 20 years.