Integrative medicine - regeneration of the cells - the power of self-healing

The regeneration

Our body consists of around 40 trillion cells. In order for us to remain healthy, our cells must regenerate regularly. The small power plants absorb nutrients and break down harmful substances again. For this purpose, the cells are in a regular exchange of information. At the same time, it lays the foundation for good regeneration. Cell regeneration is generally referred to as the replacement of dead cells with new cells. Our cells reproduce relatively well, especially when we are young. New cells are built faster than they are broken down. With increasing age, however, the cells are no longer as capable of reproduction. Then the degradation process outweighs the build-up. However, our organism only remains viable with good regeneration.

How often do cells regenerate?

The ability to regenerate cells is also crucial for our organism to remain efficient and healthy. Regeneration as a natural process takes place countless times in the course of life. For example, intestinal cells are renewed every week, red blood cells are completely replaced about every three months, and bone cells last about a year before they are replaced by new ones. A skeletal muscle cell lives for 15 months, while dead skin cells regenerate within a few days.

Where does regeneration start in integrative medicine?

Do you know that? The regeneration process of patients often only works to a limited extent. If the self-healing powers are minimized, regeneration can only take place partially or very slowly. The well-known result is sometimes massive performance restrictions after infections or significant movement restrictions after injuries.

For the therapy of sports injuries, but also for the prevention of other health problems, a therapy system has been established that generates pulses in the nanosecond range with high energies. These impulses are induced in the affected areas. It enables good stimulation and mobilization of the self-healing powers. Pain, inflammation and tension as well as tendon or ligament injuries can also be treated particularly effectively with this form of therapy. Because the high-tech impulse therapy system works at the cellular level, it has a direct and positive impact on the body's gene expression.

How can a healthy regeneration be additionally influenced?

A healthy and good regeneration can usually be additionally supported. It depends on how well our cells absorb nutrients and break down harmful substances. Based on the suggestions of integrative medical process analyses, you can recommend approaches to nutritional medicine, naturopathy or orthomolecular medicine to your patients. This includes nutritional recommendations as well as detoxification or high-quality dietary supplements. But also therapy with high-frequency impulses, which starts exactly where frequencies are out of balance. Because only healthy cells are fit enough for their actual tasks.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • You can offer your patients holistic and faster recovery solutions
  • They can effectively support regeneration impulses and functional optimization
  • Your patients have shorter recovery times and a lower risk of secondary injuries

The most important questions

How can integrative medicine be used for regeneration?

Healing can only the body itself - but here can be actively supported. There are various concepts that are used, e.g. setting an inflammation to activate self-healing. The prerequisite is that the body can respond with healing at all.

More interesting is the approach of regeneration by reducing inflammation and activating regeneration processes via so-called gene expression. In this way, even protracted disorders can be actively supported in a restorative manner in order to trigger the self-healing effect that has been lacking up to now.

How often should regeneration be used within the framework of integrative medicine for it to be preventive?

The use can be completely as needed. Via a strong physical-energetic impulse, deficient areas in the body can be found by means of pain reaction. 

Thus, appropriate regeneration can be supported even before symptomatic onset.

However, it is always important that all "building blocks" are also available to the body via nutrients, minerals, amino acids, etc.

Can integrative medicine prevent injuries?

Most injuries actually occur spontaneously, but usually have a longer development time, e.g. tendon / ligament injuries: due to strong stress / overload, microtears occur. During healing, minimal scars develop, which reduce the elasticity of the tissue. Ruptures occur due to an appropriate trigger (accident, heavy load).

Regular use of regenerative techniques after severe stress - e.g. High Energy Pulse Therapy - actively promotes regeneration processes that significantly reduce scarring. The tissue retains its original stability and the risk of injury decreases.

Are there studies on the effectiveness of regenerative measures?

Again, the successes were there rather than the actual scientific explanation.

For the therapy approach of High Energy Pulse Therapy, a study from Paracelus University Salzburg was published in 2019 showing the response of genes (gene expression) to the treatment pulse.