Integrative Medicine: Convincing facts

For decades, users of integrative medicine have been able to achieve many outstanding successes that have a holistic and long-term positive effect. The experience reports of treated patients reflect this. Likewise, source-based scientific research can support these statements. In many practices today, classic and complementary therapies are combined and used for the benefit of the patient.

A distinction must be made according to general studies that make statements on topics such as PEMF, bioresonance, micronutrients, etc. These general studies show possible uses etc. However, individual studies that relate directly to a specific product and illuminate its areas of application are interesting.

For reasons of the Medicines Advertising Act, we are only allowed to make these general and individual studies accessible to specialist groups 


But what do scientific papers say about integrative medicine? What facts support the use of integrative therapy options? We have summarized the most important facts and meaningful contributions:

Hoofland Society:

Integrative Medicine - What is it?

Paracelsus University Salzburg – Prof. Traweger:

Global Responses of Il-1β-Primed 3D Tendon Constructs to Treatment with Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields

Physics Nobel Prize 2022:

Award for three quantum researchers

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