Integrative Medicine

When academic and complementary medicine complement each other in a meaningful way

The ultimate goal of medicine is to maintain or restore people's health.

This also applies to the veterinary field and the health of animals.

Integrative medicine follows these objectives and combines conventional school medicine and complementary medicine into an overall concept that makes sense for the patient. The focus is always on the individually best therapy with as few side effects as possible. Integrative medicine is holistic and focuses on the patient with their individual resources and self-healing powers. It develops its particular strength when conventional medicine alone, as is often the case with chronic diseases, reaches its limits. Integrative medicine combines the many advantages of conventional medicine with complementary therapeutic approaches. In this way, doctors and therapists can develop special forms of therapy that are individually adapted to the requirements of their human and animal patients.

Traditional background and scientific knowledge

Good integrative medicine makes use of scientific findings as well as knowledge that is thousands of years old. Complementary medical approaches are scientifically processed and evaluated in qualitatively meaningful studies. While conventional medicine focuses mainly on the cause-and-effect principle and mostly fights symptoms, integrative medicine tries to go one step further and tackles the problems holistically. Physical complaints are not only clarified by conventional medicine, but attention is also paid to the psychological causes of problems. If knowledge from a wide variety of medical disciplines is brought together professionally, it can become a form of preventive medicine, the primary goal of which is to maintain health.

Integrative medicine needs experts

Because integrative medicine needs experts, we rely on consultation and partnership on an equal footing. By this we mean an exchange that actively supports you in your integrative medical work. A medical-technical service and assistance that will help you on a daily basis and make your day-to-day work much easier – this is what we at Innotec 4 Health stand for with over 15 years of experience. hand on it!